Alysa Joyelle

Monalysa blooms out of the creative heart of Alysa Joyelle van Haastert. 

Though working full time as the manager at Plant in Calgary, Alberta, Alysa desperately longs for and will always find the time to embrace the joy of florals.

As a self-taught flora lover and florist, Alysa has always valued beauty in all things; beauty in moments, in people, in nature, in life. Striving to create beauty, be surrounded by beauty and share beauty is what Alysa lives for.

Alysa inspires to create beautiful weddings in the most natural, organic way. Using greens, following the natural flow of each stem, and adding wildflowers wherever possible to add the “handpicked from the garden” feeling. Monalysa Floral is for the romantics and those wild at heart.  

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If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.
— Vincent van Gogh

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